A NEW 5-Day Challenge To Transform Your Disempowering Money Beliefs

5 Days Of Money Transformation


This Is How to Reprogram Your Money Mindset, Increase Your Financial Abundance, & Generate Prosperity (All Without Wasting Any More Time Or Money)

Get conscious about your deepest beliefs about money

Clear The Money Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back

Uncover your deepest limiting beliefs around money 

Let go of worry, fear and anxiety around money 

Transform how you feel about money 

Let go of your toxic money story 

Increase your income 

Step into your most abundant life 

And much more.....


Over the next 5 days, Nilofer will personally guide you on an abundance path where you'll uncover your limiting beliefs around money & remove them completely.

Each day you will get access to a video from Nilofer and an activity to do. This is different from a typical course in which you listen and learn, this is about taking action and making a change.
To make sure you truly transform, we’ve put together something special and unique to guide you every step of the way.


This has been extraordinary! A totally new vantage point is what you have presented! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”
“Nilofer gets to the heart of what is stopping money and joy and every good thing from flowing into and through your life. How does she do it? By asking questions and by using her own experiences and those of others she has helped to demonstrate, What else is possible? If you want to get unstuck, join this challenge and let the questions open up the possibilities in your life.”
“Nilofer's take on changing the way you think and view Money is very different and extraordinary. I have taken many courses on changing your money situation, but I have had so many Ah Ha! moments throughout this course that I feel more grateful and more present with what I do have. Thank you to Nilofer Safdar for this amazing program!”
“I loved this program!!! This challenge is helping me to see a new ways to shift my point of view around what really is money...I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is willing to see money in a new way and learn how to shift things in your life...I am going through my second time right now and everytime I feel more lighter ! If you wanna change your relationship with money, this is the program for anyone!!! Thank you dear Nilofar Safdar for your contribution to us and the world!!! I am in huge gratitude...."

“This challenge changed so much my view on my money reality ! You won't doubt for a second that it has been created especially for you !
Great asset !"
"This challenge is giving me insights into why money classes have not been hugely successful for me in the past....Nilofer has a way of putting across just what I need to hear. I haven't completed it yet and already, after the first day my energy is different and already changes are happening."
"This challenge is amazing! So many tools and great life openers. Just the energy of the challenge lifts you up. If you have anything going on around money or anything else you are making significant, this  is the absolute bomb and so much more. Big thanks to Nilofer Safdar for sharing these wonderful tools and insights. What a blessing for our lives, living and realities."

IMPORTANT: This challenge is for action takers! It will only be available for 10 days from the day you sign up. If busting through the limiting beliefs that stop you from abundance and surplus is important, make it a priority to participate. 😀

About Your Speaker Nilofer Safdar


Nilofer Safdar is the bestselling author of seven books, Money Circle, Cracking the Client Attraction Code, Transformations, Where Is My Doorway To Possibilities, The Magic Of Being, Create Your Life and The Colors Of Now.

Nilofer Safdar has been a money mindset and success coach since 1992.

She has facilitated thousands to release their limiting beliefs and sabotage programs so that they can break through their income ceilings and 3X to 10X their income.

She is known in her industry as a fun, energetic executive sales coach who leads with heart. She is known in her industry as a fun, transformational coach whose rigor and intellect is matched by her compassion.

A Tele-Summit host who leads virtual conferences , she skilfully breaks down her decades of transformational expertise exclusively for you inside of this free series.

With her one-of-a-kind "laugh & learn" teaching style, you will certainly walk away with a new view of your business, finances and life.


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